Friday, April 30, 2010

Iron Man 2 is now Showing!

If this isn't the blockbuster of the summer I don't know what is, the long awaited sequel is now showing on a cinema near you! this time around Iron Man will be teaming up with War Machine to fight Whiplash, Natalia Romaniff is also in the film ( sexy! ), I can't 

When will iPad arrive in the Philippines?

When will our beloved iPad arrive in the Philippines? I'm sure a lot of people here are waiting to get their hands on the iPad, could apple ship it any faster? although there are already people selling it here but for a price that only 20% of the top population can afford. I wish PowerMac didn't have to sell apple products 

ubuntu 10.4 LTS is Here!!!!

Finally! the long wait is over! Ubuntu 10.4 LTS is here!! going to download my copy right now! =D 

Download you copy here:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Ready to Fall in Love with The Bar Strawberry

The Bar will be releasing a new flavor on May 1 2010, it is strawberry flavored and it looks yummy. This is the cheapest way to get drunk, just mix it with different powdered drinks or soda's and you are on your way to drunk world. There are currently three flavors of The Bar ( lemon gin, green apple vodka and orange vodka). I personally like the Green Apple

Ubuntu 10.4 LTS not yet released??

I have been waiting for this release for a month now and today should be the day that it will be released but wait the countdown says " coming soon " ?? why coming soon? i thought there is only 1 day left before the release of ubuntu 10.4 ? maybe it is because of the timezone here in the Philippines?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May 3 is a non working Holiday!!! yehey!!!!

May 3 has been announced as a non-working holiday in the Philippines!!! hurray!! Long weekend here we come!!! =D

After that May 10 is also a non working day because its ELECTION DAY!

Go Manny Villar!!!! =D


Is Manila Prepared for an Earthquake?

Is this question really need to be asked when we all know the answer?

Of course manila isn't prepared for an earthquake or a huge flood or  a terrorist attack or whatever.

The politicians here care more for the upcoming elections and the money they are going to get after that, and the people here are the " bahala na "  (  whatever happens will happen ) types of person, everyone knows that the buildings and houses built here are low class and not designed to be protected from earthquake.

As seen in the video the damages if a 7.2 magnitude earthquake does hit manila, it could kill 58 thousand people and damage 1 / 3 of all the building and houses here, but I believe the death toll could be higher. So goodluck to us people who are living in Manila and I'm one of those persons. hahaha =D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buick EN-V Future Car Model

Seen this on China Auto Show 2010 on CNN website, this could be one of the greatest innovation in cars. It is compact and electric powered, EN-V stands for Electric Networked-Vehicle. This is very useful especially for the China market because of their huge population, it does not take so much space in parking lots and street. Also it is emission free which is good  for the environment, it is targeted to be a cheap mobility 

NoyNoy Aquino Fan Page Hacked!

The fan page of election frontrunner, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III was temporarily removed from social networking site Facebook after administrators “detected a breach” in the account.
In a statement posted at Aquino’s fan page, Liberal Party said the attack was meant to spread black propaganda and misinformation. The hackers even supposedly removed supporters from the list and made a fake profile of Senator Aquino to mislead fans.

“Opponents of presidential frontrunner Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino have

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kidlatz offers Hands-free Web Hosting

Have you always wanted to build a website for your business and wondered how it works and how much it will cost you? Our products and services are tailor-made just exactly how you wanted it! Contact us for a free quotation at +6324087137 or +639205772428 or visit our website at
We would like to partner with you in establishing your business towards a global market!
Bundled with a minimal hosting fee of at least 250PhP per month, you get the following for FREE!

Thousands of people lose homes in Manila slum fire ( Quezon City )

MANILA, Philippines – A huge fire sweeping through a shantytown outside the Philippine capital has destroyed about 300 houses and left about 7,000 people homeless.

Metropolitan Manila Fire Marshal Pablito Cordeta says about 200 firetrucks are battling the fire that started at midafternoon Sunday and was still burning at nightfall. It spread rapidly in the slum in Quezon city because of strong winds and

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Buggy McAfee update Crashes Windows XP Users

McAfee's popular antivirus software failed spectacularly on Wednesday, causing tens of thousands of Windows XP computers to crash or repeatedly reboot.

A buggy update that the company released early in the day turned the software's formidable defenses against malicious software inward, prompting it to attack a vital component of Microsoft Windows. The update was available for business customers for about four hours before distribution was halted, McAfee said

The damage was widespread: the University of Michigan's medical school reported that 8,000 of its 25,000 computers crashed. Police in Lexington, Ky., resorted to

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fire hits Edsa Shangrila Mall

A small fire hit the basement of upscale Shangri La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City on Friday night around 10pm where employees, tenants and moviegoers were evacuated. Mandaluyong Fire Marshal Nahum Tarroza said the blaze started at about 10:30 p.m. in the storage room of Rustan’s Supermarket at the basement but smoke continued to billow out of the building well until Saturday morning.

Tarroza said the fire struck a 100 square meter storage room of the supermarket, containing stacks of grocery items.

As of 4 a.m., smoke continued to gush out, although

Archie Comic now has a New Openly Gay Character

When it seems that gay people are everywhere, in the streets, media, television, music and movies, and now they are in Archie Comics. You can find Kevin Keller

Hot Weather Information

The weather here in the Philippines is really hot because of El Niño. I just want to share hot weather information to the people here so that they can avoid the dangers of heat.

I got this article on Illinois Department of Public Health.

Periods of extremely hot weather--heat waves--can cause serious health problems for everyone. In fact, among weather-related events, heat waves are a leading cause of death. Illinois experienced this firsthand in July 1995, when extreme heat contributed to the deaths of more than 700 people in the Chicago area. The following are commonly asked questions about

Friday, April 23, 2010

iPad is now being sold in the Philippines! ripoff price

Just saw this on sulit, seems like somebody has already shipped iPad here in the Philippines but for a ripoff price.
If you are very eager to get your hands on the new iPad you could buy it here.

Price: ( All Models are Wifi only )

Apple iPad 16GB cost 37500php

Apple iPad 32GB cost 42500php

Apple iPad 64GB cost 50000php

do you think its worth the extra bucks?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pimp my iPad

iPad has just recently been sold to the market and now it has been pimped up with diamonds! Mervis Diamond Importers have created a Diamond Studded iPad, the price? $20,000. only the super rich people are the ones who can afford stuff like this, if you have the money you can order one here and if you have some spare change maybe donate $499 to me so that I can buy the an iPad too hahahaha =D 

Jejemons do you know them?

The internet has now been filled with jejemons!! and now we need to exterminate them!!! =D so firstly what are jejemons? according to urban dictionary jejemons are

The Most Expensive iPhone

Ever dreamed of owning a luxurious gadget? well Stuart Hughes has all the gadgets in gold and diamonds, ranging from mp3 player, cellphone models, game consoles, t.v. and accessories. Recently he sold the most expensive iPhone 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glee is Back!

After a long months of hiatus Glee is finally back to give us more music and color to our daily lives, their new episode "HELL-O" has just been aired. With new songs to sing with and new attitude to keep us from 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apple's Next iPhone

Just saw this from a link from my officemate! this iPhone was found lost in a bar in  Redwood City. I guess someone's going to get fired for disclosing the new iPhone design and specs. for the whole article go to this website of gizmodo.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MIRC - internet relay chat client

I could still remember the days when I was in high school, mirc was widely used back then, almost everyone in school who had a computer uses mirc to chat and meet people. I was one of those people who chatted regularly because you can meet a lot of people here, talk about anything under the sun or just plain getting to know other people, some uses the mirc to meet girls / guys. Then slowly the mirc lost to the new chat client

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Manila Auto Show at World Trade Center!

What: Manila Auto Show 2010 ( April 15 - 18 )
Where: World Trade Center ( near SM Mall of Asia )
Who: Me and Miguel 
Why: Photo shoot and testing my new Digicam. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Meralco Doubled Electric Bill

I believe everyone in the Philippines is angry at Meralco for doubling its electric bill this April, the Philippines is one of the most expensive electricity in Asia. I don't think it is right for Meralco to increase the electric bill whenever they want to, a lot of people suffer from this especially the business community. Is there anyone in the government who will do something about this? or does Meralco have close ties to the government so that they can increase their bills anytime they want to? Join this Facebook Protest Page against Meralco!

Fire Hits Greenbelt 3 Mall

Greenbelt 3 Mall an Ayala-owned Mall was on fire 6:49pm Thursday night, it has reached 3rd alarm. I guess Makati has a good knack for disaster regarding malls. In 2007 an explosion in Glorietta 2 occured killing 11 persons and leaving many wounded.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nokia Unveils New Phones!

Nokia recently unveiled new phones that will be available in the second and third quarter of 2010. The Nokia C3, Nokia C5, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5, Nokia have changed the naming conventions of their phones, the designs are different from the past models of Nokia and it looks like toys to me. I have posted here the pictures and the links about the specifications of the new Nokia models. Enjoy!

Nokia C3 

you can read here about the specs:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The New MacBook Pro

Apple has unveiled the new MacBook Pro, giving it the new intel i5 and i7 processors to boost things up and a new price tag, it now has 8 to 9 hours battery life in a single charge. The 13 inch model will still be using the core 2 duo but with faster speed.

for the full article go here:

for the apple website go here:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free Domain @

Want to have your own domain name without paying a cent? you can!! provides free domain name to people who doesn't want to spend $10 yearly for a domain name.

go to their website here and register your own free domain.

here are my domains:


I have found a new search engine today that pays you money for searching! I don't know if its a scam or what buy its worth trying. Registration is fairly easy and after that start searching and earn money online!

Register now! here is the link: 

Monday, April 12, 2010

How to take care of your Laptop battery

Laptop / Netbook has overtaken the desktop in sales, people now prefer laptop over desktop because of its portability, also the price of laptop is way lower than 2 years before. Their processor and ram have also increased in power to match the desktop computers.

here are some tips to make sure you're laptops battery last longer:

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Rainlendar is a feature rich calendar that is free to use, you can have things like events and to do's so that you won't forget things that you need. Also it has a birthday function that repeats every year to remind you to greet your relatives or friends. It is easy to use and has a lot of skins to customize the look and feel of the calendar. I personally use this on my desktop and my laptop.

you can download your copy here:

KimKim's House ( April 10 2010 )

Went to Kim's house, I gave her a copy of Plants vs Zombies game and now she's addicted to it already hahaha Kath is very busy looking at organic products for her skin and hair. Ordered food in the afternoon at Ling Nam and here are the pictures.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Just saw this today on Yahoo!

PIXELS is Patrick Jean' latest short film, The Invasion Of New York City by 8-bit creatures.

Pixels is a video about what happens when classic computer game characters becomes real and invades the world.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chinese Seal Generator

Ain't it cool? this is my chinese seal with my chinese name on it! just trying out what my friend sent me, you can make your own chinese seal just by typing your chinese name and click, you can choose different fonts, colors and styles. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sony DSC-W230

Just a few days until I get my hands on my sony digicam, hahaha then I will start blogging like theres no tomorrow, hope all the effort I put into blogging will turn out profitable. I read a lot of article about people blogging and earning money from it, hope it happens to me too. So for my digicam i choose sony dsc-w230 because it has carl zeiss optics, I didn't like canon's design that's why i chose sony even though image quality wise canon would be the best choice, good thing there are people in the internet selling cheap digital cameras.

A Sad Day....

Tea Blendz my favorite iced tea in masangkay has closed its stall.... this is a very sad day indeed. This is one of the reason I go home early, because their stall usually close on 7:30pm, so I had to go home early just to buy an iced tea there and now they are gone. They used to sell those goody flavored iced tea like green apple, raspberry, strawberry, kiwi and many other flavors, they have the biggest size iced tea and the coldest one. Also their iced tea is cheap the largest only cost a mere 35 pesos, it must have been the cause of all those stalls popping out of nowhere here in masangkay! they are slowly turning this place into a divisoria type of place! 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Annual Physical Exam Day

Just finished my annual physical exam today at 11am, the medical facility is not good. The facility is not properly maintained especially the comfort room, there are many people waiting to be examined too. The place is small so you there are only a few seats available, you just have to sit and wait for your name to be called, it didn't take long to finish the exam. As usual the things that are needed to be submitted were urine and stool, I didn't submit my stool today because I couldn't poop in the morning.

Here is the list of things that were done.

1. blood test
2. urine and stool.
3. eyes ( vision )
4. weight and height
5. x-ray
6. blood pressure
7. physical exam ( head, eyes, ear, nose, neck, body )

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Donate Button

I wonder if there are really people who donates money online, it seems fun placing this button on my blog and seeing other people have this kind of button too. I guess there are people out there that don't mind giving money to a blogger like me, maybe a dollar or two? hahaha so anyway I will just leave this button until someone really sends me money online. that would be cool! but it would be way cooler if its a Big Fat Check. hahaha =D 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Burnt House

April 1 2006

I woke up at 4am in the morning because of the smell of something buring, then I alarmed my brother and father about it. My father checked the 2nd floor of our house ( we lived at the 3rd floor ) and saw that there is a lot of smoke coming from there. We immediately went out of the house without bringing anything with us because of the panic. Knocked on our neighbors door to tell them that our house is burning, so that they can call the firefighter. A few minutes after the fire got bigger, good thing the building infront of our house has a firehose that my father used to somehow fight the fire. Then the firetrucks came and extinguished the flames, but its already too late. All of our things was burned already. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Do you love your Country?

From a Korean to a Pinoy

By Jaeyoun Kim

Filipinos always complain about the corruption in the Philippines. Do you really think the corruption is the problem of the Philippines? I do not think so. I strongly believe that the problem is the lack of love for the Philippines. Let me first talk about my country, Korea. It might help you understand my point.

After the Korean War, South Korea was one of the poorest countries in the world. Koreans had to start from scratch because entire country was destroyed after the Korean War, and we had no natural resources.

Koreans used to talk about the Philippines, for Filipinos were very rich in Asia. We envy Filipinos. Koreans really wanted to be well off like Filipinos. Many Koreans died of famine. My father & brother also died because of famine. Korean government was very corrupt and is still very corrupt beyond your imagination, but Korea was able to develop dramatically because Koreans really did their best for the common good with their heart burning with patriotism.

Koreans did not work just for themselves but also for their neighborhood and country. Education inspired young men with the spirit of patriotism. 40 years ago, President Park took over the government to reform Korea. He tried to borrow money from other countries, but it was not possible to get a loan and attract a foreign investment because the economic situation of South Korea was so bad. Korea had only three factories. So, President Park sent many mine workers and nurses to Germany so that they could send money to Korea to build a factory. They had to go through horrible experience.

NoyNoy Aquino : The Big Fat Liar

The Philippines has a good knack for voting the wrong person everytime. I hope this election they won't be voting noynoy aquino, I believe that he does not possess the skills or knowledge to become the President of the Philippines. Also he might be just a pawn of other people so that they can use the people's sympathy for cory aquino  to win the election. 

here is a list of things about noynoy aquino:

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