Friday, April 23, 2010

iPad is now being sold in the Philippines! ripoff price

Just saw this on sulit, seems like somebody has already shipped iPad here in the Philippines but for a ripoff price.
If you are very eager to get your hands on the new iPad you could buy it here.

Price: ( All Models are Wifi only )

Apple iPad 16GB cost 37500php

Apple iPad 32GB cost 42500php

Apple iPad 64GB cost 50000php

do you think its worth the extra bucks?


Anonymous said...

The ipad is worth it....I wondered what niche it would
fill...well, I was in that segment. I love my ipad. It
does everything. I even downloaded an app
that mimics my tv remote. It even let's me record
shows that we miss on our dvr by pressing a button
on the ipad. The pricing is about $200 over for
what they sell in states. Any enterprising person
could make money by selling it in Manila... Hmm...

Fred said...

No web cam..

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