Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Sad Day....

Tea Blendz my favorite iced tea in masangkay has closed its stall.... this is a very sad day indeed. This is one of the reason I go home early, because their stall usually close on 7:30pm, so I had to go home early just to buy an iced tea there and now they are gone. They used to sell those goody flavored iced tea like green apple, raspberry, strawberry, kiwi and many other flavors, they have the biggest size iced tea and the coldest one. Also their iced tea is cheap the largest only cost a mere 35 pesos, it must have been the cause of all those stalls popping out of nowhere here in masangkay! they are slowly turning this place into a divisoria type of place! 
How i wish they didn't have to go, now I have to find another stall of Tea Blendz. They don't even have a website! if anyone of you knows where in metro manila that has a Tea Blendz stall please contact me. Thanks!

ym: coolblues5000

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