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Goodbye Neil Armstrong... 1930 - 2012

A Plagiarist’s Rant Against Birth Control by MIGUEL SUJUCO

WHILE anatomically illiterate politicians in America babble about “legitimate rape,” a Filipino legislator opposed to birth control has been shedding crocodile tears in Parliament and plagiarizing speeches to bolster the case against reproductive rights.

On Aug. 13, the Senate majority leader, Tito Sotto, wept while addressing his assembled peers. The former actor told the Senate that birth-control pills, used by his wife in 1974, had led to the death of their newborn son a year later. The emotional scene shut down the day’s debate. It was the latest obstruction to passing a reproductive health law that has languished for 14 years.
Proponents of the reproductive health bill say it will address poverty, women’s rights, infant and maternal mortality, and overpopulation in a poor nation crowded with 94 million people. Though contraceptives are currently available, the general population can’t afford them. The bill seeks to offer natural and artificial birth-control options, reproductive health care and sex education in public schools.
Opponents, like Mr. Sotto and the powerful Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, say contraception is akin to abortion. They claim the bill is an elitist and foreign conspiracy to corrupt a country in which 80 percent of the population is Catholic. They fear the erosion of family values, state intrusion on religious freedom, tacit approval of promiscuity and side effects of oral contraceptives.
Two days later, news that Mr. Sotto had plagiarized his speech spilled across blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Careful readers proved that he’d copied and pasted, without citation, large portions from as many as at least five online sources. Among them were the writings of Sarah Pope, who blogs as “the Healthy Home Economist”; a New York University Web site on the notable birth-control advocate Margaret Sanger; and an American activist named Janice Formichella, writing for Feminists for Choice. What’s more, the senator twisted their words for his own purposes.
Mr. Sotto forcefully denied responsibility rather than confessing and offering an apology. When Ms. Pope blogged her dismay at being plagiarized, the senator declared on Filipino TV: “Why would I quote from a blogger? She’s just a blogger.” His chief of staff, Hector Villacorta, told reporters that blogs aren’t copyrighted, governments are exempt from copyright laws, and parliamentary immunity protects the senator. Besides, the Philippines “plagiarized the U.S. Constitution,” he said. “Even our image was copied from God. We are all plagiarists.”
God, it seems, is also on Mr. Sotto’s side.
Among the senator’s allies is the conference of bishops, which has declared “open war” on the reproductive health bill, saying it will create “an abortion generation.” Despite separation of church and state, these bishops fancy themselves as Filipinos’ moral conscience. Their credibility has been mixed, however. Archbishop Socrates Villegas has warned that “contraception is corruption,” but an investigation last year showed thatbishops accepted privileges and gifts, including S.U.V.’s, from the previous presidential administration.
The church has tried to recover power by re-emphasizing its role in society. Last year, it succeeded in banning a McDonald’s commercial showing a little boy and girl flirting cutely over French fries. It also shut down an art exhibit it deemed “sacrilegious” and warned that Lady Gaga’s Manila concert was akin to “devil worship.” The bishops have even threatened President Benigno S. Aquino III with excommunication, and 190 university professors with heresy, for their stance on the pending bill.
This “open war,” along with intellectual dishonesty of Mr. Sotto’s variety, have undermined any genuine discussion of reproductive rights. The bill is backed by anti-poverty groups, community and women’s organizations, President Aquino himself, and 70 percent of Filipinos. But its fate remains tenuous. How could this be?
The answer lies in the system that grants Mr. Sotto impunity. Plagiarism may havetoppled a Hungarian president, a German defense minister and a Romanian education minister, but it’s no big deal amid the entrenched corruption of the Philippines.
Recent clear-cut plagiarism cases failed to lead to punishment for a literary icon who lifted passages from a sportswriter, a top editorial writer who stole from a young reporter and the chairman of a university’s board of trustees who copied from Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Conan O’Brien for a commencement speech. Even Supreme Court JusticeMariano del Castillo was breezily exonerated by his peers after he plagiarized from three sources and reversed their meaning in his decision against elderly Filipinas seeking reparations for sexual enslavement under the Japanese during World War II.
In all likelihood, Mr. Sotto will similarly escape unscathed without so much as censure from the Senate.
Politicians in the Philippines regularly manage to get away with greater sins. Even the Manila area’s notorious annual flooding is a result of the irresponsibility of those in charge, which has led to shortsighted urban planning, disregard for zoning laws and insufficient cooperation between the metropolis’s 17 city halls. Such chronic lack of accountability is part of the reason the Philippines ranked 129th out of 182 in Transparency International’s 2011 corruption index — alongside Syria and Honduras.
Indeed, Mr. Sotto continues his defiance. He has cast himself as “a victim of cyber-bullying” and backed a proposed law that aims to “regulate” blogs, as his supporters cheer his pluck against academics and intellectuals. He happily misrepresents research studies, avoids mentioning their outdated vintage and likens maternal mortality statistics to Nazi propaganda. He also refuses to explain how his wife’s oral contraceptive killed their son in 1975, when that pill wasn’t even on the market until 1978 and was released in Asia only in 1985.
But in the Philippines, the facts may never matter — especially when power and religion are involved. A speech cobbled off the Internet, speculation about a dead baby and a melodramatic crying fit in the Senate, sadly, ring true enough.

Suicide Girl Sa LRT Edsa Nasagasaan ng Tren

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Hiring Female Massage Therapist Malate Ermita Manila

Mont Albo Massage ( United Nations Avenue )
GF Mayfair Tower United Nations Avenue Corner Mabini st. Ermita Manila

18-28 yrs old
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willing to be trained
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Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin Backs Church on RH Bill

Faculty members who are facing possible charges of heresy for supporting a population control bill aren’t getting any sympathy from Ateneo de Manila University.

A day after a ranking official of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) called for an investigation of Ateneo’s 159 faculty members for purportedly going against Church dogma, their president, Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin, said that the university supports the bishops.

“Together with our leaders in the Catholic Church, the Ateneo de Manila University does not support the passage of House Bill No. 4244 (The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Bill),” Villarin said in a letter to the Ateneo community posted on the university’s website.

Spectrum of views

“As there is a spectrum of views on this ethical and public policy issue, I ask all those who are engaged in the Christian formation of our students to ensure that the Catholic position on this matter continues to be taught in our classes, as we have always done,” Villarin said.

The university will also support the Church in its future actions should the bill is passed by Congress, Villarin said.

“Should the bill with whatever amendments be passed, we should neither hesitate to bring to the judiciary whatever legal questions we may have nor cease to be vigilant in ensuring that no coercion takes place in implementation.”

Social compassion

Villarin acknowledged that there were members of his faculty who were advocates of the measure pending in Congress. He expressed appreciation for “their social compassion and intellectual efforts” and urged them “to continue in their discernment of the common good.”

Bishop Leandro Medroso, the CBCP’s canon law expert, said the professors’ stand, contained in a statement circulated last week, should be investigated. He noted that educators in Catholic institutions should follow Church teachings inside their classrooms.

The CBCP president, Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, also said on Monday that educators in Catholic institution who veer away from Church teachings should leave the school.

Academic freedom

In various social media sites Tuesday, Medroso’s statement caused a furor among Ateneo alumni and supporters of the bill, who accused the prelate of infringing on academic freedom.

In issuing the statement of support, Ateneo’s faculty members said the RH bill would provide much-needed maternal and infant health care to all Filipinos regardless of religious beliefs.

“The reality is, despite the Philippines being predominantly Catholic, the majority of Filipinos want the full range of family planning services, including ‘artificial’ contraception,” they said, calling the RH bill “a vital piece of legislation that needs to be passed urgently.”

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Kate Upton - Sobe Staring Contest

BDO to charge 2 pesos per ATM withdrawal starting September 1 2012

Starting September 1 2012, it will cost a BDO depositor P2 every time he/she withdraws his/her own money from any BDO terminal.

The new fee advisory was being flashed on the bank's 1,596 ATM-network as each terminal dispensed wads of cash for the duration of the four-day weekend.

The country's biggest bank, BDO is the first local bank to reintroduce the unpopular fee since the industry recoiled amid a storm of consumer protest more than a decade ago.

Since then, local banks, no matter the size, have always exempted their own depositors from any ATM fee so long as the withdrawal is made from the depositor's own bank ATM network.

But withdrawals made on other bank's ATMs are hit with P10-11 fee for every transaction.

Individual banks do not normally publish their depositor base or the number of transactions that their own home networks process each day.

Bossing's Chacha! Eat Bulaga Vic Sotto

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Cebu Yellow Submarine Philippines

The Philippines' very first Submarine for Underwater Tour can be found in the Queen City of the South, Cebu, called the "Cebu Yellow Submarine". Arrived last July 26, 2012 in Imperial Palace Resort in Maribago, Mactan Island, Cebu. This is already registered in BIR and Lapu-lapu City Hall and they're currently finalizing and completing the needed documents before it start its operation. Another reason why people should choose Cebu Philippines, now known as Asia's All in One Destination! Underwater Tourism? Here we go! Pls pass and like this page:

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Too Tipsy to drive? call 16-911

Friday night is party night! Just remember to keep the parties in the bars and not on our roads. If you've had too much, just call Lifeline's Driver on Call. From Globe Cellphones dial 09175216911

How Traffic is Made in the Philippines

To all our politicians planning to run in the next elections, here's some free advise. You can beat your chest for years and spend billions in your campaign telling people what you have done or what you will do for us, but while we still see something as blatant as this happening everyday of our lives, it’s all just background noise. The busses plying EDSA are the ambassadors to the republic of Anarchy and you’ll have no hope in hell convincing people you are capable of fixing a country as complex as the Philippines when you can’t fix something as basic as this.

Pay Respect to your Mother

One young academically excellent person went to apply for a managerial position in a big company.

He passed the first interview, the director did the last interview, made the last decision.

The director discovered from the CV that the youth's academic achievements were excellent all the way, from the secondary school until the postgraduate research, never had a year when he did not sco

The director asked, "Did you obtain any scholarships in school?" the youth answered "none".

The director asked,"Was it your father who paid for your school fees?" The youth answered, "My father passed away when I was one year old, it was my mother who paid for my school fees.

The director asked, "Where did your mother work?" The youth answered, "My mother worked as clothes cleaner. The director requested the youth to show his hands. The youth showed a pair of hands that were smooth and perfect.

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Top 10 myths on masturbation

1. You lose stamina by masturbating. Many boys are told that masturbating will cause them to be less energetic at sporting activities. Quite simply, that’s not true. To be good at sports, continue to practice your game and eat healthy and don’t worry about your nocturnal activities.

2. Masturbation leads to pimples. This myth was probably started by some harrowed parent who wanted their teenage child to get out of the bathroom so someone else could use it. And what better way to get teenagers to do something that to appeal to their sense of vanity? The truth is that acne and pimples are caused by oily skin and have nothing to do with masturbation.

3. Masturbate and you’ll go blind. If that were true, almost every human being on this planet would be blind and you’d be reading this in braille.

4. We will run out of sperm. Relax, your sperm is not finite and your body produces millions of it everyday. By masturbating often, you will not run out.

5. Girls don’t masturbate. Yes they do. And there’s no shame in it.

6. The opposite – girls masturbate way more than boys. Does it really matter?

7. Only those in sexually unsatisfying relationships masturbate. That’s not true at all. In fact, some couples masturbate together to spice up their sex lives.

8. Married couples don’t masturbate. Again. Not true at all.

9. If you masturbate too much, you will be terrible in bed. Actually, masturbation can help many women find their G spots, which they can then tell their partners about, thereby enhancing their sexual experience. So no, it’s a myth that satisfying yourself sexually will diminish your performance in bed.

10. Masturbation leads to homosexuality. Your sexual orientation does not depend on whether or not you masturbate.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Alodias Dance Rehearsal

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Kate Upton Doing the Cat Daddy! Sexy!

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Zombie Experiment NYC

Taxi Kick by Tet Serrano ( Overcharging Taxi at Midas Hotel Along Roxas Blvd )

We took this Taxi with plate number UVX235 from Midas Hotel along Roxas Blvd last July 20, 2012 around 10:00am. The bell boy told the taxi driver to turn on the meter but this driver ignored it and was even mad to the bell boy. 

We instructed him to bring us to the Bus Terminal along Doroteo Jose MRT Station. Our fault was we never ask him to turn on the meter. There was a traffic jammed along our way so he suggested taking another route. Since we are in a hurry, we agreed. Around 10:40am we reached the bus terminal and to our surprised he was charging us Php600.00. My father who was a senior citizen asked him if it is possible to charge us Php500.00 instead but he refused. As we don’t want to argue my father handed him the money. I was at the back seat of the taxi and I clearly saw that my father handed him Php1500.00 (1,000 and 500 bills), the driver immediately kept the money. I interrupted and asked my father how come he handed him the said amount. As my father’s eyesight is not so good, he mistakenly thought that the 1000peso was 100peso bill. I told my father and requested the driver to return the change to us which is Php900.00. He refused again. I had an argument with him and told him that we are going to pay the amount he initially charged to us which is Php600.00 but he needs to return the change. To our dismay he insisted that the route was quite far and even asked for an extra charge. He likewise claimed that he will give Php200.00 to the hotel security guard. Then I insisted him that my father mistakenly gave him Php1500.00 so he should give me the excess. He told me that he will give me Php200.00 only as a change. I was not able to do anything as my parents were senior citizen already. I took a photo of the cab. Unfortunately, I was not able to take the driver photo. 

I phoned Midas Hotel right away and informed what happened. The Security Head denied that they are connected in any way to this driver.

I likewise called the taxi Operator and spoke to Mr Dela Cruz. According to him the name of the driver is Mr Sulit. I forgot if it is "Rens" or "Ron Sulit" as we were inside the bus and the signal was bit bad. Mr Dela Cruz committed to me that he will talk to his driver. We both agreed that he will send me an sms for any update but until now I didn’t receive any feedback from him. I even tried calling him on their landline but he's not always there. At first he was cooperative but later, seems like he's avoiding me.

We want everyone to be aware of this. I'm afraid that this driver will continuously do this type of scheme to all his passengers. I have informed the operator that if they will not cooperate with me about this matter I will file a formal complaint to LTFRB which I did. I won’t tolerate this kind of attitude. Please share. Thank you so much.

Why you are in DEBT by George Carlin

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What Goes in the Ocean Goes in You

Chinese Robbed Slashed Neck Binondo Steel Tower Condo

Chinese hinoldap na ginilitan pa

by Jocelyn Tabangcura-Domenden /Photo: Ivan Gaddia

GINILITAN sa leeg nang paulit-ulit ang isang Chinese national na babae nang holdapin ito ng dalawang hindi nakilalang suspek habang sakay ng kuliglig sa Binondo, Maynila kagabi.
Kinilala ni Sr. Insp.Joey de Ocampo, hepe ng Manila Police District-Homicide Section ang biktima na si Lirong Yang, 27, may-asawa, bussinesswoman, tubong Fujian, China at nanunuluyan sa 8-DCPC Bldg. 686 Sta.Elena St., Binondo, Maynila.
Sa report ni PO3 Rodel Benitez, imbestigador, dakong alas-11:15 kagabi nang maganap ang insidente sa kahabaan ng Muele del Binondo, panulukan ng San Nicolas sts., ng nasabing lugar.
Nauna rito, sumakay umano ang biktima ng kuliglig (tricycle) upang bisitahin ang isang kaibigan sa Chinatown Steel Tower na matatagpuan sa Asuncion St., Binondo.
Pagsapit umano sa kahabaan ng Muelle del Binondo malapit sa Nicolas St., ay inihinto umano ng driver at kasama nito ang kuliglig sa isang bakanteng lugar na natatakpan naman ng dalawang nakaparadang sasakyan.
Dito na sinimulang limasin ang mga gamit ng biktima habang nakatutok sa kanya ang patalim.
Ngunit hindi pa nakuntento ang mga suspek at nilaslas pa ang leeg ng biktima at saka iniwan sa sementong kalsada.
Si Arnold Terceno, sekyu na naka-duty umano ilang metro ang layo mula sa pinangyarihan ng insidente ang nakapansing may komosyon.
Sinigawan ni Terceno ang mga suspek kaya mabilis na pinatakbo ang kanilang kuliglig at iniwan ang biktimang naghihingalo.
Hindi na nagawang maitakbo ni Terceno ang biktima sa pagamutan dahil namatay na rin ito makalipas lamang ng ilang minuto.
Narekober naman sa crime scene ang ginamit na patalim sa biktima .
Dinala ang bangkay ng biktima sa Cruz Funeral Parlor habang patuloy ang imbestogasyon ng pulisya sa kaso.

The Good Samaritan on EDSA

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