Friday, April 2, 2010

NoyNoy Aquino : The Big Fat Liar

The Philippines has a good knack for voting the wrong person everytime. I hope this election they won't be voting noynoy aquino, I believe that he does not possess the skills or knowledge to become the President of the Philippines. Also he might be just a pawn of other people so that they can use the people's sympathy for cory aquino  to win the election. 

here is a list of things about noynoy aquino:

1. He has done nothing political wise.

2. He is just using his family's fame not by his own works.

3. He says he will not steal, but after all the television ads and promotions from his campaign is he not going to get it all back too?.

4. He doesn't have a strong platform, but a brainless platform that people like.

5. In his commercial he mentioned that the people were there in people's power, in corazon aquino's death and now the people need him??? the people needed them a long time ago. Where was he? what did he do back then to help the people of the Philippines?? nothing! he is saying that because he needs them again in his elections not because he is here to help them.

6. He is a bachelor with no wife and children, what is he? a torpe? or a womanizer? that no woman even thought of marrying him? or is he gay? 

So if you are a voter in this may election, i really hope you vote wisely. Since you can only choose the lesser evil, so please avoid voting the biggest evil of them. 

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