Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Burnt House

April 1 2006

I woke up at 4am in the morning because of the smell of something buring, then I alarmed my brother and father about it. My father checked the 2nd floor of our house ( we lived at the 3rd floor ) and saw that there is a lot of smoke coming from there. We immediately went out of the house without bringing anything with us because of the panic. Knocked on our neighbors door to tell them that our house is burning, so that they can call the firefighter. A few minutes after the fire got bigger, good thing the building infront of our house has a firehose that my father used to somehow fight the fire. Then the firetrucks came and extinguished the flames, but its already too late. All of our things was burned already. 

My burnt computer monitor, the melted plastic. But my DVDs are still ok! haha guess they are fire proof.

Our mini kitchen and comfort room is all black, you can't even see the washing machine anymore because it already melted.

The bathroom is all black. Scary...

One thing I learned here is that you CAN'T TRUST the GOVERNMENT FIREFIGHTERS because when they extinguished the fire, they also took the cellphone's and money of our neighbors and everything that can still be salvaged. That is one of the reason they seem brave to enter a burning house not just to fight the fire but to get everything you still have in your house that is still working. 


I am Suplada said...

OW, Alain. Didn't you know your house got burned. Where do you live now?

coolblues5000 said...

hahaha tagal na 2. year 2006 pa. =D

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