Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Male G-Spot?

is there a male version of the g-spot? well the video says there is! =D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aishiteru Tagalog Japanese I Love You Rap Song =D

Very Nice Tagalog Japanese I Love You Song! =D listen and share!!! =D

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japanese Star Wars Famicom review part 2

part 2 of Star Wars Famicom Review. lots of cussing still... =D

Japanese Star Wars Famicon Review Part 1

beware!! too much cursing with this video for you to handle. wahahahaha =D

How to use a Real Flame Thrower!!

FPS Russia shows us how to use a real Flame Thrower.

His hand got burned a little, really dangerous!! =D

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I aM mE week 8 III-Emental Last Chance Challenge

III-Emental Last Change Challenge

I.aM.mE, we.. we design unique to your eyes.

Roll back to find your mind in pie-ces.

Of a hole in the skull with a role to play

And a soul with a mark to make life make sense for free..

by never forgetting what we were meant to be..

Our identity.

I aM mE week 7 ABDC season 6 " Moment 4 Life " - Nicki Minaj Challenge

" Moment 4 Life " - Nicki Minaj Challenge

I aM mE week 6 ABDC season 6 "Somebody To Love" Justin Bieber Challenge

" Somebody To Love " - Justin Bieber Challenge

Another Great Performance by I aM mE! =D I like the part where they create the heart shape using their arms =D bieber fever!!

I aM mE week 5 ABDC season 6 "S&M" Rihanna Challenge

Spider man dance!! Chachi really performed well in this challenge, she is the spider girl!!! great moves and entertaining from beginning till the end! =D

I aM mE week 4 ABDC season 6 " Peacock " Katy Perry Challenge

" Peacock "  Katy Perry Challenge

They really did make a peacock!! great performance! =D

I aM mE week 3 ABDC season 6 " Meet Me Halfway " Black Eyed Peas Challenge

" Meet Me Halfway " - Black Eyed Peas Challenge.

Great Robotic Dance! =D

I aM mE week 1 ABDC Season 6

I aM mE - Inspire Motivate and Energize!! =D their routine and dance is so awesome!!! me like!!! =D
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