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Philippine Political Condoms

Symbolic Deadly China Painting

Right in front, the Asian lady with a tattoo on her back is China.

On the left, the lady full of concentration is Japan.

Dressed at the top looking sideways is USA.

Lying rather seductively is Russia.

The little girl standing by the side is Taiwan.

China "tripled" the Dong tiles (East Winds, this is a double up). This means that China has arisen with the circumstances (the winds); maybe that is the display of the "East Wind" missiles she possesses now. It looks like China is doing ok, but there is no clue about the other cards (tiles). Meanwhile she is up to no good under the table.

USA, appearing confident, is looking at Taiwan with an expression; perhaps to read from the look of Taiwan or to send some message.

Russia may appear indifferent but it is far from that. One leg is on USA and one hand is passing card(s) to China. They are some discreet exchanges going on.

Japan has all eyes on the cards, unaware of what others are doing.

Taiwan wears a red abdominal vest, maybe implying she is the last successor of the Chinese culture. She holds a tray of fruits in one hand and a fruit knife in the other, looking quietly at China with resentment. But she has no option. She is not in the game (a little girl too young to play the game?).

Dark clouds hang over the river outside the window implying tension over the straits separating Main Land China and Taiwan.

The portrait on the wall is interesting, mustache of Sun Yet Sun, the bare head of Chiang Kai Set, the face of Mao Tze Tong...

How the 4 ladies are dressed is also very interesting.

China bares her top, with panties and a skirt.

USA is almost fully dressed but bares her bottom.

Russia is left with only panties.

Japan naked.

These perhaps reflect the status of each nation;

The attire of USA appears to be most complete, probably because she is still the most powerful. Others are short of something here and there. Though USA is most presentable, she has nevertheless exposed her bottom (line). China and Russia look naked but keep their private parts are covered.

We assume this is a stripping game where the loser removes a piece of clothing.

In this game, if China loses, she will be like Russia today... (broken up).

If USA loses, she will also be like Russia...

If Russia loses again, then she has nothing left...

And Japan is already left with nothing....

Russia may appear to have drawn an extra tile (by the rule of the game, she cannot complete the game i.e. cannot win) and is hanging on for nothing ... BUT she is actually exchanging tiles with China...

The other person hanging on is Japan since she has no more "chips". She is out of the game if she loses.

In conclusion:

USA is pretending. She looks most glorious but faces great dangers. If she loses this game, she loses her dominating position.

Russia has a leg each on a boat, most sly ... Her situation is a little like China after liberation (when the communist took over China), sometimes with the USSR and sometimes with USA. Due to her lack of self sufficiency, she has to yo-yo between two parties for survival and room of development.

China has many tiles but they are not in view. Does that imply China keeps her strengths under wrap? And she is exchanging tiles with Russia under the table.

USA can only guess from the expression of Taiwan what may be happening between China and Russia.

Japan looks ignorant as she continues to focus on her cards.

China’s hand (of tiles) is most unpredictable.

Poor Japan ... there are so many things happening around her. She has no chance of a win and she is out the moment she loses.

Taiwan keeps watch as a bystander. She sees all that transpired in the game and she understands. But she is not qualified to, nor capable of participating in the game. She has no right to speak. She is full of grievances and is utterly helpless. She can only be the maid, offering fruits to the winner(s).

The winner should be a pick between China or USA , there is little doubt about this. Then again if you notice, they are playing Chinese Mahjong, not Western Poker.

Playing with the rules of a Chinese game, what are the odds for USA?

Crisis Action Force drill: Cops in action

Members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Aviation Security Group use an improvised bomb to blast through the main door of a building simulating an airport control tower seized by a mock terrorist group, during the Crisis Action Force anti-terrorism drill inside the police headquarters in Camp Bagong Diwa at Taguig city, south of Manila June 1, 2012. The drill was held to increase operational readiness and proficiency of the PNP Crisis Action Force to address crisis situations on land, sea or air, according to local media. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

Anyone thinks this is a bad tactic against terrorist? one explosive could kill every single one of them. 

Orvillecopter: The dead cat turned into a helicopter

Reconsider and reject the election of Miriam Santiago as ICC Judge

To the Honorable Administrators and Officials of the International Criminal Court:
We have taken the liberty of writing to you on behalf of concerned Filipino organizations and individuals in the Philippines and overseas who subscribe to and actively advocate the goal of competent, honest and progressive governance of our homeland, the Philippines.
We are respectfully bringing to your attention a serious matter that affects the image and reputation of the Philippines and, potentially, the image and reputation of the International Criminal Court.
As an independent court that tries persons accused of the most serious crimes of international concern, namely, genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, and as a court committed to the observance of the highest standards of fairness and due process, we respectfully assume that you require those you have elected to your roster of judges to meet the most stringent standards.
In addition to mastery of international jurisprudence and forensic skills, we assume that you also require a sound mind, emotional and psychological stability, unsullied integrity and incorruptibility, as well as patience, civility and impeccable decorum.
We submit that a person who is emotionally or psychologically unstable, prone to fits of uncontrollable rage, lacking in patience and empathy, ruthless with the feelings of fellow human beings, bereft of civility and uncaring about decorum does not deserve a place in your honorable court.
We further submit that an individual who has admitted to having publicly lied and who has demonstrated partiality, prejudice, lack of principles and questionable integrity as a public official does not deserve to be a judge, much less a judge of the International Criminal Court.
In this regard, we regret to inform you that such an undeserving individual has been elected to the International Criminal Court, in a lapse of good judgment on the part of the government of the Republic of the Philippines.
We are referring to Miriam Defensor-Santiago, a member of the Philippine Senate, who has been elected to the International Criminal Court and is shortly scheduled to take her oath of office.
We are bringing this matter to your attention for fear that you may construe her uncivilized behavior and her loose ethics as epitomizing the Filipino people. While, ironically, it should be a source of pride for Filipinos to have one of our own elected to your honorable court, we are embarrassed by the ill-considered nomination of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Far from representing the best of us, she typifies the worst. We fear that her presence in the International Criminal Court will make us the laughing stock of the world.
While it is entirely your prerogative to determine how to deal with Senator Defensor-Santiago, in light of these revelations, we respectfully submit that the onus will also be on your collective heads should she, as a judge of the International Criminal Court, display the kind of boorish and bizarre behavior that has been her trademark in the Philippine Senate and in other public fora.
We, therefore, respectfully submit that a reconsideration of her election to the International Criminal Court is called for and that her nomination be rejected upon reconsideration.
Please watch the attached.

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to all MARIKINA friends please read!

please be warned na masyado nang matatapang ang mga magnanakaw dito sa atin. May 2 counts na of robbery habang may tao sa bahay. Naka-motor yung 2 lalaki then sasabayan nila yung pagpasok mo ng bahay. Kapag nakapasok na, ilalabas na nila yung baril then patatayuin kayong lahat sa isang dingding. Mas gusto nila yung walang tao sa bahay tapos dadating magkakasabay para madali ipunin at walang makapagreport ng nangyayari. Yung isang incident may rape involved. So yung isa naman sa compound, dahil lahat ng bahay naka-lock at walang naiwan, piniling hintayin nung mga magnanakaw na may dumating para mabuksan yung pinto. Mag-ingat lang po tayong lahat. Yung isang may-ari ng bahay may anak na pari, so hindi po enough na prayers lang. Let's also be vigilant about our surroundings. Check if may mga nakaparadang motor sa tabi ng bahay bago pumasok. Ingat tayo and please tell others to warn them. — at Parang, MarikinaREPOST: to all MARIKINA friends please read!

How To Have A Picture Perfect Summer! - Petra Mahalimuyak

How to Create Your Signature Smile - Petra Mahalimuyak

How to Drive a Car when the Zombies Come

Call Me Maybe Cover by DLS-CSB Students

Ramada Manila Central : Job Openings

Ramada Manila Central

Ongpin cor. Quintin Paredes Streets, Binondo, Manila 1006

Job Opening Sales and Marketing Department
Should know how to speak mandarin

Send your resume to : peter.causon @

Visit their website here!

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Happy Endings : Berna Kano

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Happy Endings : Ann B. Mateo

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The Bourne Legacy - Philippines Manila Included in Trailer!

Jeep... Traffic... Sweat... It's more fun in the Philippines!!!

Fetus soup being served in China!

Baby Eating in China

Very disturbing pictures are now spreading across the internet about a certain delicacy which could be found in China. A town in Canton is now on trend making baby herbal soup to
increase health and sexual performance/stamina. The cost of the fetus soup in China currency is approximately $ 4000 (around RMB 2000).

A factory manager was interviewed and he testified that it is effective because he have tried it and is a frequent customer. It is a delicacy whereby expensive herbs are added to boil the baby with chicken meat for 8 hours boiling/steaming. He was interviewed with his second and very young wife, who is only 19 while he is now 62. He testifies the potency of the fetus soup and he was able to make love with his wife everyday.

"Spare rib soup" local code for fetus soup is being served to local restaurants in Canton. Couple who would like to abort their babies, could just go to these local restaurants and sell the aborted baby for 2,000RMB (China currency). These local restaurants also accepts placentas for several hundreds if couples do not want to sell their babies.

It is very disturbing to mention that most fetus served in these local restaurants are female babies. This is due to the fact that majority of Chinese prefers to have male babies and those poorer families usually end up selling their female babies.

Man Cooks His Own Genitals for ¥100,000

Illustrator Mao Sugiyama tweeted a simple proposition: Mao's male genitals (penis, testicles, and scrotum) as a ¥100,000 meal. The illustrator even offered to cook them.

Sugiyama is not a real chef—and admitted as much—but was offering a real plate of penis. The 22 year-old Sugiyama is also not man or a woman; the illustrator is asexual and prefers not to be called "he" or "she".

Chinese Policewoman kills Hostage Taker in less than 3 seconds

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen - Feat. Justin Bieber, Selena, Ashley Tisdale & MORE!

CALL ME MAYBE feat. Georgina, Belle, Solenn, Anne, Liz, Bea

How to Dance in the Club Part 3

How to be a Professional Karaoke Singer

How To Dance in a Club - Petra Halimuyak

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Pastor killed in rattlesnake attack during church service

Mark “Mack” Wolford, 44, was well-known across the US state of Virginia for his lively church services, which included handling dangerous snakes in a ‘test of faith’. But the pastor died after being bitten by a rattlesnake he had owned for years, mirroring the death of his own father in 1983.

Holding an outdoor service in which serpents where passed around among church members, Wolford was bitten in the thigh by a yellow rattlesnake as he sat on the floor next to it. The service was quickly disbanded as the pastor was taken to family member’s house to recover, but he later died in hospital from poisoning.

Wolford had been bitten on three previous occasions, but did not seek medical attention as he regarded the injury as a test of faith.

“He helped me to understand the faith instead of just documenting it,” photographer and eyewitness Lauren Pond told the Washington Post. “He was one of the most open pastors I’ve ever met. He was a friend and a teacher.”

“I didn’t see the bite, I saw the aftermath” she added.

The group of serpent handlers follow the gospel of Mark, which states: “And these signs will follow
those who believe...they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

WAGW Now Open at SM Consolacion

We’re also opening a bunch of stores before the year ends, our latest one being at SM Consolacion Cebu (opening June 1st). That makes us have a total of 7 branches as of late, and 10 by the year ends! This is what I’ve been so busy with the past few days. I’m going to be at the SM Consolacion opening tomorrow, where we have a ton of awesome surprises for our customers! We have pussy bow polos, tank dresses and diamond encrusted tanks for just P199!!! Hope to see you there!

Visit us at:
Ayala Center Cebu
SM City Cebu
LimKetKai Cagayan de Oro
Abreeza Davao
Crossings Trinoma
SM Consolacion
and soon at:
Crossings Shangrila Plaza
Ayala Northpoint Bacolod
Ayala Centrio Cagayan de Oro
Of course, for busy bees, we have our online branch at!
For more updates, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter @shopWAGW!

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