Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I Don't Like About HolyWeek

Holyweek is here! and almost everyone has gone to their vacation spot, leaving few people in the city. I think the only thing I like about holyweek is that we don't need to go to work, so therefore I have compiled a list of what i don't like about holyweek.

Here is a list of what I don't like about holyweek in the philippines.

1. malls are closed.
2. lrt and mrt are closed.
3. only few restaurants open.
4. people have abandoned the city and went to someplace else.
5. there are only few people online ( because they went vacationing )
6. there is a special holyweek marathon show on t.v. ( which sucks )
7. there are only a few cars on the street.
8. it's boring
9. you can't eat meat ( applies only to catholic and christian )
10. you can only eat vegetable and fish

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