Saturday, May 15, 2010

See you in Ireland... - Harold

May 14 2010

Just last week we lost a SDK team member. 

Yesterday we lost yet another great men at ACS technologies inc, our one and only network administrator Harold Compay. He only lasted 6 months, he made sure our network is working well and banned all not work related website, torrents and YouTube.  He did his job
well in his short time here in ACS, now that he's going to Ireland to work. We will surely miss Harold for the days to come, good luck on your new job! =D bon voyage!

download the Photos here:


Anonymous said...

at bakit kayo lang ang may picture picture? ang daya! :p

coolblues5000 said...

ahahaha.. wala u sa SDK area eh... =p

Anonymous said...

thanks alain sa blog mu......kept intouch guys....i will mis u all.....huhu

coolblues5000 said...

haha =D share m sa mga taga ireland blog ko a. tsaka un iba ko pang blog. haha ingat sa ireland =D

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