Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hansen's Soda - The Healthy Soda from Healthy Options

I recently saw Hansen's Soda in Healthy Options because I accompanied my friend Kathleen to buy something she needs, then I bought 5 different flavors so that I could try if it taste better than the ordinary soda being sold here. At first I was hesitant to try because the price is twice of a regular soda 
and it doesn't look like it will taste good. But anyway I bought some and surprisingly some tastes great. here are the flavors that I bought: black cherry, kiwi strawberry, creamy root beer, raspberry and tangerine lime.

The Plus side of these Sodas are it is a healthier alternative. It uses cane sugar to sweeten the beverage and it has no caffeine, no sodium, no fat and some has no calories ( the diet ones ). 

I like this kind of Sodas but to be honest they cannot replace  the unhealthy ones because Sodas like Coke will always taste better, so if you want to try it too you can buy it at any Healthy Options branch here in the Philippines.

Hansen's Official Website: http://www.hansens.com/


Keith said...

All sodas are not healthy.. even Juice Drinks are not healthy.. Just drink water..:)

coolblues5000 said...

hahaha healthy kaya un Hansens! =D

Anonymous said...

asa! may preservatives parin yan para d maexpire agad pano magiging healthy un? CONGRATULATIONS! humahaba na ung laman ng blog mo d gaya ng dati hehe!

coolblues5000 said...

No preservatives. No sugar. No fats. No calorie kaya un.

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