Monday, May 24, 2010

OSMA Earthquake, Fire Drill and ACS Office Blessing

May 21 2010

Our Office Building One San Miguel conducted its yearly earthquake and fire drill, it started at 9am, they turned off the power to the elevator and everyone in the building was asked to go outside of the building. There were so many people who attended the earthquake and fire drill, I think there were 80 people outside the office. Then came the fire trucks
that displayed the simulation of the burning One San Miguel Building.

The Simulated fire on the OSMA building. The fire fighters demonstrated how to stop the burning building using their fire hose.

They also asked volunteers to practice using the fire extinguisher, the flames were too hot we moved away as soon  as they lit the fire. They demonstrated  first aid help too but I don't think anybody understood what they were doing. The drill ended at 11am and we returned to our offices after that.

At 4:30pm we started the Office Blessing, this is where we lit some candles and the priest said some prayers and after that it's eating time! =D the picture above is what I ate although I forgot to take a picture of my second round trip to the food.

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