Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom's Day at Rockwell With Choy Family

May 09 2010

Went to Rockwell Power Plant Mall with Choy Family, being an extended family I accompanied them to shopping mode and grocery mode, first went to Kim and Kath's favorite boutique to look for tops and dress, then afterwards went to Wild Ginger to eat lunch, we ordered
the following foods: Tofu Salad with Peanut Sauce, Pan-Fried Fish with Tom Yam Sauce, Beef Rendang, Pad Thai and Mixed Vegetable Curry. ( click on the foods to see the Pictures )

In the morning there were only few people but by lunch time there were already a lot of people at the mall, after lunch Kath went to power books to buy some cooking and recipe book while we continued to walk around the mall, we also went to Healthy Options because Kath needs to buy some recipe for her cooking hobby. we stopped by a dirty ice cream vendor ( I think it is not dirty because it is in Rockwell mall but anyway we still call it dirty ice cream because you usually see these kind of ice cream being sold in the streets ) inside the mall because Kim wants to eat Ice Cream. Afterwards we went to the supermarket to buy some groceries.

We went home at around 4pm and I stayed at their house until 8pm, it was a great day especially because I get to spend it with Kim and Kath, and fun also because I keep on suggesting tops and dresses for them hahaha and the food is really yummy too and I think I'm getting fatter because they always have too many food =D

Happy Mother's Day to All Mom's =D

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