Saturday, May 1, 2010

Noynoy Aquino: The Epic Fail on May 10

"Hindi Porket Nasa Time Magazine Ka Magiging Presidente Ka" - Anonymous

This article is in defense of Manny Villar.

On Being Associated with the Administration

I am very positive that Manny Villar will be the next President of the Philippines, although there are many of them criticizing him, making black propaganda against him and accusing him of things that he didn't do, which will make you think that if the other candidate ( NoyNoy Abnoy ) is really going to win why does he have to throw all these to Manny Villar? They are saying that Manny is associated with FG Mike Arroyo, Chavit Singson, Joc Joc Bolante, the Garcia’s of Cebu and the Ampatuans, are these even real? 

and if Manny Villar is associated with those, what about NoyNoy Abnoy? isn't he associated with Erap ( Ousted and Corrupt Former President ) and FVR ( another Corrupt Former President ), isn't he going be to just like Erap? the Pro Poor but ended up being drunk in power? Erap once said "Walang kaibi-kaibigan at walang kamag-anak-anak" and now NoyNoy says " Hindi Ako Magnanakaw, Hindi! ".

On Being Poor

Noynoy Abnoy claims that Manny Villar is not poor because they rented a Three Storey house in tondo. Living in a Three Storey house in a SLUM area is POOR. Unlike you Noynoy who lived a sugar coated life and you think you know how being POOR is? isn't your mom Cory Aquino the one who made the rich become richer and poor become poorer in her time as President of the Philippines?

On C5 and PSE controversy

Why is it now that these issues are being thrown at Manny Villar? are these issues true or just black propaganda against Manny Villar, maybe they are too scared about Manny Villar winning the Election that's why they are so desperate in throwing issues at Manny Villar,

On Campaign Spending

The persons against Manny Villar says that he spends too much money  in his campaign to become the President and he will steal it all back when he wins. Well isn't Noynoy spending the same amount of money? wherever Manny Villar Ads goes there is also one for Noynoy, so people said that it is funded by his friends and campaign investors, so if Noynoy becomes President isn't he going to pay it all back to all the people who funded his campaign? ofcourse! these people are not stupid and it is impossible to give Millions or Billions to Noynoy and he will just say thank you? i don't think so.


so here you have it, hope the voters in the coming May 10 election will vote wisely and does not follow the tradition of just voting for the popular pro poor person and the person who claims he will not steal.

Go Manny Villar!

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All Filipino's should unite for the administration to work.

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