Monday, March 22, 2010

Grill @ Kim's Haus.

March 21 2010

Went to Kim's house because Kath invited us to grill. 

The Chicken with Kath's special recipe. hahaha! 

Starting to grill the chicken.. it smells good.. it took a lot of time to cook these chickens but it is worth the wait  because chicken tastes good!

Ok.. some of the chicken are overcooked... but still edible..

The finished chicken! yummy.. although it taste a little sour. Maybe too much calamansi? 

The marinated beef.. the beef took only a few minutes to cook since it is thinly sliced and it smells like shawarma while being cooked.

We for to take pictures of the finished beef and the other foods because we were already starving that time. Steve and Justine arrived a few minutes before we finished cooking and played Uno Cards afterwards. hahaha.

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