Saturday, March 20, 2010

Resident Evil 5

I love playing resident evil games, although I didn't get to play all the series because you need different consoles to play the other games. It all started when I was still at elementary when I played the first resident evil it was in playstation console. It was damn scary game especially when you're playing it alone in the dark, zombies will really freak you out. Then resident evil 2 and 3 came out which is also playable in playstation. But then resident evil : code veronica was released under dreamcast console. Damn! I didn't get the chance to play it because I it isn't practical to buy a dreamcast console just to play resident evil : code veronica, after that resident evil 4 changed the whole resident evil series by replacing the zombies with ganados. Resident evil 4 was released under playstation 2, good thing my cousin has a playstation 2. After that resident evil 5 was released under playstation 3. But there is also a PC-version which is what I'm playing right now. I wish they bring back the zombies.. those new enemies aren't scary... well let's see what happens when they release resident evil 6.

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