Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to extend your Samsung Galaxy Note's Battery life

1. Brightness - set your brightness to 0% - 20%. The HD Super AMOLED display is already bright enough.

2. WiFi  / 3G - turn off your WiFi / 3G when not in use, this will drain your battery faster.

3. Wallpaper - make your wallpaper all black, AMOLED display eats more energy when displaying white color.

4. Applications - uninstall junk application that always sync online.

5. Bluetooth - turn it off when not using.

6. No Signal - turn on airplane mode when there is no signal or low quality signal, this will eat your battery sooner than you think.

7. Sunlight - avoid leaving your Galaxy Note in direct sun light.

8. Widgets - more widgets means more battery drain, remove widgets you don't use.

9. Auto Rotation - turn auto rotation off.

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