Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stop Bullying AMALAYER Girl.. Stupid Cyber Bullies

To my friends and the beloved public, please read this.

This #AMALAYER bullshit is being blown out of proportion. Reading the comments/tweets/insults makes me more sick that the video itself. We can do better than this. 

Is the Filipino social media identity a short-tempered angry mob rather than a pool of informed citizens? Are we supposed to expect to see shit like this every now and then? Wh
at's next: TV show na may Suntukan segment against Claudine Barreto? I bet everyone would want that.

The video is simply a mirror to our (westernized) society (disregard the fact that I saw four BIG ASS Bench billboards of four Korean men/boys (idk) in EDSA-Guadalupe tanginang yan)

Think about it these few points.

1. She's rude. SO-FUCKING-WHAT?!
Oh no! May bad manners siya. BIG DEAL.

She’s rude and annoying and dumb enough to do it in front of a camera. She's just having a bad day like we all normally do. She doesn’t deserve all the cyberbullying and death threats. You simply don’t know how it feels.

I'm rude. You are rude. Filipino drivers ARE rude. People who violently push and curse their way inside the train are rude. Taxi drivers who pick their passengers are rude. Your governor is rude. Those who murdered of the FOI bill are fucking rude. The MMDA who just asked for a bribe is rude. Society who cyberbullied the fuck out of a law student who was "not informed" of the flood is rude as well as those who bombarded a bully of a Sotto critic with death threats.

Rude has become a norm for Filipinos. We have accepted it. Then suddenly, thanks to a video, we act as if we are all saints.

Condemning someone who can’t say "I'm a liar?" IS RUDE AND ARROGANT. So what kung kupal siya? Ngayon lang kayo nakakita ng kupal on video? Mas kupal yung mob behavior. Kitang kita ang Filipino humility, courtesy and tolerance sa posts niyo. Nakakatawa.

2. I read a comment "Kayo ang yayabang niyo, kala niyo naman gagaling niyo mag-ingles." The reply goes "tara english tayo ano?! I'll destroy you dipshit" (or something like that)

Is English the standard for intellect? Is the English language the barrier of classes?

The answer is this paraphrased comment: “OMG! My driver speaks better English than her! She has no right to boast anything!”

3. "I just hate how she acted like that" (quoted from a comment)
Like what exactly? Like the bratty blond Hollywood personalities that we have celebrated?

We have westernized the shit out of our society; don’t act surprise when we see the result.

4. What if:
Replace the guard with a male guard. Replace the girl with a foreign woman - lets say an attractive blonde woman shouting in her British accent.

Will it be viral? Yes. Who will get the sympathy? The woman was just "harassed by the guard"

But the guard probably wouldn't even touch her because he/she would be friggin scared of the almighty westerners. All hail the whites!

You may now proceed on buying Lactacyd Intimate White™ and naming all movies in cheesy English phrases.

5. If this is "The Power of Social Media" according to some blogs/articles, then this means we are as trivial as our TV shows. If this is us being a public eye or a watch dog, then we have failed as a society. We try to move forward but we do things that will lag us. Tangina ang babaw kaya. Ganun na ba tayo na-brainwashed ng sensationalized local programming?

TL;DR - - I'D RATHER BE A RUDE, BITCHY, AND ARROGANT PERSON (who sometimes loses his cool in public) THAN A TRIVIAL-MINDED SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITE WHO SHAMES, BULLIES AND EXPELS PEOPLE WITH LITTLE BASIS. (heard she got expelled from her school - some comments are DEMANDING her to be expelled – what offense? Why!? IDK probably "Not speaking proper english during a breakdown bringing shame to our humble institution” that’s why)

We are hypocrites and we are rude to our own nation.

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Anonymous said...

unfortunately the Philippines is full of hypocrites and judgmental retards who cannot be convinced once they think they are better.

it is good to see at least a dozen against this idiocracy. keep on spreading this. eventually i hope that people will be held responsible for whatever they post online.

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