Monday, September 3, 2012

Taxi Kick : Report Abusive Taxi Drivers in the Philippines

Taxikick is a web app founded by Benedict Aluan and Jefferson Rosende that will help you report abusive taxi drivers in the Philippines, such as any rude ones who just choose passengers whenever they feel like it. Currently with 9,971 users and with already 1,411 reported taxis onboard already, the Taxikick site looks promising.

Benedict, a software developer and Jefferson, a web designer, created this app using Ruby and MySQL. Although everything in the app is web-based, it has a mobile-friendly user interface.

Currently bootstrapped, Taxikick is using Google AdSense to support the hosting as well as the domain. Despite having no investors at the moment, they are open to the idea, as well as other parties who can help improve Taxikick.

No other service like this exists here in the Philippines yet – except the forms and emails provided by the local government office, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Since its launch last December 2011, more features are in the works and will be deployed once some feedback from LTFRB has been received.

Here are a few problems with this : 

1. After LTFRB receives all the complaints, will they do anything about it?
2. People can send false information about a Taxi.

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