Saturday, August 4, 2012

Taxi Kick by Tet Serrano ( Overcharging Taxi at Midas Hotel Along Roxas Blvd )

We took this Taxi with plate number UVX235 from Midas Hotel along Roxas Blvd last July 20, 2012 around 10:00am. The bell boy told the taxi driver to turn on the meter but this driver ignored it and was even mad to the bell boy. 

We instructed him to bring us to the Bus Terminal along Doroteo Jose MRT Station. Our fault was we never ask him to turn on the meter. There was a traffic jammed along our way so he suggested taking another route. Since we are in a hurry, we agreed. Around 10:40am we reached the bus terminal and to our surprised he was charging us Php600.00. My father who was a senior citizen asked him if it is possible to charge us Php500.00 instead but he refused. As we don’t want to argue my father handed him the money. I was at the back seat of the taxi and I clearly saw that my father handed him Php1500.00 (1,000 and 500 bills), the driver immediately kept the money. I interrupted and asked my father how come he handed him the said amount. As my father’s eyesight is not so good, he mistakenly thought that the 1000peso was 100peso bill. I told my father and requested the driver to return the change to us which is Php900.00. He refused again. I had an argument with him and told him that we are going to pay the amount he initially charged to us which is Php600.00 but he needs to return the change. To our dismay he insisted that the route was quite far and even asked for an extra charge. He likewise claimed that he will give Php200.00 to the hotel security guard. Then I insisted him that my father mistakenly gave him Php1500.00 so he should give me the excess. He told me that he will give me Php200.00 only as a change. I was not able to do anything as my parents were senior citizen already. I took a photo of the cab. Unfortunately, I was not able to take the driver photo. 

I phoned Midas Hotel right away and informed what happened. The Security Head denied that they are connected in any way to this driver.

I likewise called the taxi Operator and spoke to Mr Dela Cruz. According to him the name of the driver is Mr Sulit. I forgot if it is "Rens" or "Ron Sulit" as we were inside the bus and the signal was bit bad. Mr Dela Cruz committed to me that he will talk to his driver. We both agreed that he will send me an sms for any update but until now I didn’t receive any feedback from him. I even tried calling him on their landline but he's not always there. At first he was cooperative but later, seems like he's avoiding me.

We want everyone to be aware of this. I'm afraid that this driver will continuously do this type of scheme to all his passengers. I have informed the operator that if they will not cooperate with me about this matter I will file a formal complaint to LTFRB which I did. I won’t tolerate this kind of attitude. Please share. Thank you so much.

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