Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SM Mega mall Pasig Ortigas Carnap Kidnap Modus Operandi by Cady Mejia-Subida


My friend, Candy Mejia-Subida, shared her actual experience. Read her post below:

a word of caution! An incident happened to me yesterday in between megamall and st. Francis square while i was double parked infront of mercury....i was sitting in the drivers side while royet quickly ran to mercury. while i was putting on lipstick and using the rear view mirror i saw a man crossing from megamal to st francis area. We actually made eye contact and he even put a smirk, from then on i had my eye on him (had a bad feeling about him from the very start) so i continued putting lipstick but my eyes were now at the passengers sidemirror...true enough he circled the car and went back to the pedestrian and i saw him signal a group across where he eventually joined a two women with two" umbrellas" and one guy. my heart was beating so fast already (because this is what i read in the "Rachel Samson Torres incident" post).

what was freaky was i could predict every move of theirs because i read that post. the two women and one guy positioned themselves apart from one another one at the back of my car, the other with still an open umbrella right smack infront of my passengers side and the other infront of the car but all on the sidewalk of st. francis side. i knew something was up because when they were crossing they were talking and when they crossed they split up and as if they didnt know ea other.i moved my car a few meters and he said hindi ho hindi ho ( as if saying im not telling you to move) in the meantime i got my fone put it in camera mode and true enough the guy goes up to my side and is pointing to my rear tire ...my goodness i couldnt believe that was the very exact thing that happened to mommy Rachel Samson Torres. (pls read her post which i will attach) so when he started babbling i put up my fone and took his foto he immediately covered his face and said no no no and he walked away towar the st. francis guard. i wanted him to know that i knew something was up thats the reason i took his foto so he would go away from me.

 ..(note: he even tapped the rear of the car and spoke to the guard). At this point i had rang royet to come out. I saw the girls and guy cross back to megamall side so i opened my window and started calling the megamall guard and i kept saying guard yun naka orange and red and white stripes...they were walking ever so calmy but moved significantly faster coz they could hear me screaming by then.royet gets into the car and we drove to find the 2 girls and guy but they had entered megamall already. we turned the car back and looked for the gurd of st. francis who he spoke to and we asked what the guy had said.....According to the guard the man asked if "we" could park in a slot.

(Note: Imagine.. the guard actually thought all the while he was with us coz the man "tapped" the car before he approached the guard(apparently a contingency move if they are almost busted). i feel so fortunate that mommy rachel made a very detailed report on the new modus operandi if not for her chances are the girl nearest to me would have opened the passenger door if i opened my lock to check on what the guy was fictitiously pointing at. (note in the picture that all this was happening with the megamall guard a few meters away behind him. in my case Awareness played a key role therefore it is my duty to make others aware through sharing my experience so we can minimize being victimized. P.S. feel free to re-post this and his picture...he probably thinks i got a clear shot of him and his cohorts, which is what i would want him to think. Friends, let us be extra vigilant!!!!


Unknown said...

this is scary.. would like to share this in my FB page so ladies and others can be aware of this matter. I hope these people will be caught and really rot in jail! God Bless!


Anonymous said...

anybody know this guy? his name?

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