Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sun Power Text Unlimited 200! TU200! Free 500 Text to Other Networks!

Make Your Move with Sun Power Text Unlimited 200!

If you are a student swamped with homework, make sure to have school-life balance. Despite your busy schedule, see to it that you still keep in touch with your loved ones. To help you cope with the demands of school, here are some tips:

Organize.  Make a list of the things you need to do.  Set group studies, org meetings and plan barkada weekend gimmicks ahead of time. Send reminders to friends, org mates  and  peers by sending them text messages.

Prioritize.  Prioritizing is key! Identify the urgent ones from things that can wait, the critical items from the minor to-do items on the list. From your to-do list, mark the items due  for  the week so you don’t cram. Once done, make sure you also tick them off your list so you are prepared to take on more tasks.

Multi-tasking.  You can save time if you can do things simultaneously. While queuing at the cafeteria, organize an after school meeting with your buddies.  While doing your usual commute, spare Mom the worries by calling her up to say that you will have a night cap with friends.

Choose a load that fits your lifestyle.  With Sun Cellular’s Power Text Unlimited 200, you enjoy 30 days of unlimited Sun texts, 4 hours of Sun calls and 500 texts to other networks.  Set meetings, confirm assignments, and join gimmicks while keeping within your load allowance. So, go ahead and make your move with Sun Power Text Unlimited 200!

Head to the nearest Sun Shop or authorized Sun retailer to load your Sun Power Text Unlimited 200.  It is also available via call cards and load conversion by texting TU200 to 247.  Like www.facebook.com/suncellprepaid for the latest unlimited Sun promos, games and treats.  To get updates, follow Sun Cellular on Twitter via www.twitter.com/suncelltweets.


Anonymous said...

200 test to all network ba to or 500? confusing kasi yung nka post.. pls clarify.. thanx!

coolblues5000 said...

500 Text! sorry mali copy paste. :)

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