Monday, May 30, 2011

Poreotics / Poreotix American Best Dance Crew Dance Compilation

Poreotix!! Great dance group and winner of the American Best Dance Crew Season 5, they are so cool and their dance choreography is top notch! =D You can also see them dance in Justin Bieber's music video " Somebody to love " and Bruno Mar's " The Lazy Song " ( they are the monkeys here ). Their
Dance is very cool and entertaining, the group is an Asian-American all-male dance crew from Westminster, California. The crew was formed in 2007 and specializes in popping, choreography and robotics, hence the name Po-reo-tics. They have performed in numerous hip hop dance competitions, most notably coming in 1st place in the USA division of the 2009 Hip-Hop Internationals. They are known for their shaded, dark glasses, which they wear for all of their performances.

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