Monday, October 18, 2010

Eastern Telecom Evo Dsl

I recently disconnected my Sun Broadband Wireless because it is pretty useless, super slow internet and has a lot of problem when using Facebook. Maybe because their subscribers have doubled? anyway I have subscribed to eastern telecom's Evo Dsl for only 1000php for 2mbps ( internet only no landline ), it took them 15 or more days to install the modem but after that everything is good to go. Download speed is stable at 230kbps, everything is faster now thanks to eastern telecom! =D

You can Contact Eastern Telecom here:


Aika said...

Hi, I'd like to subscribe to eastern telecom EvoDSL 4mbps, it seems that they are not very popluar in the Phils (not many results in google search..).
How long exactly did it take you, i've been calling them like thrice a week for the last 15 days, they said they'll follow up, and i need internet at my residence soon =/.. do you think its worth the wait ? how's your ping, and the downtime ? do they truly deliver the speed they promise ?
please update us :)

Aika said...

This guy seems to be disappointed with the service :

coolblues5000 said...

Hi Aika,

It took me a month before they could setup my dsl . The connection is dependent on your area, some area are good while other area they always have problems with their connection. If you're lucky and your area doesn't have problems then their speed is good and reliable, otherwise it sucks.

Anonymous said...

taga eastern yata ang nagsimula ng post na ito hehehe

coolblues5000 said...

Hi as I said from my comment above, some area the connection is good some area sucks. hehe

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