Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sun Cellullar is a Scammer!! Do Not TEXT REWARD to 2346

Number: SunCellular
FREE ALERT: Text REWARD to 2346 for FREE! U can win and be P120,000 richer or fly to SINGAPORE for FREE w/ three of ur friends! DTI#1776 NoAlerts?TxtSTOPto2855
Time: 13/07/2010 15:33:26

<--- msg sent to me by Sun Cellullar! they say it is FREE! but when you text REWARD to 2346.

Sun Cellular will reply you with a ringing tones that SUCKS! then it will tell you that you have subscribed to MONOROCK and you'll get 3 tones/week. 15 PESOS per tones! and since they have already sent you one ringing tone that SUCKS so it will automatically deduct 15 PESOS from your load. So where is the FREE in here???



Anonymous said...

free txt nga e nag txt k reward yun n yun alain hahaha....

coolblues5000 said...

hahaha epal un sun manloloko

Anonymous said...

The 2346 scam is also run by Globe, which does not surprise me. The first time I ever had anything to do with Globe, I realized that they were thieves. I bought a phone and loaded it with minutes so that the next time I came to the Philippines, I would have a phone to call my friends and family. That was a joke. The multi-million dollar company was so desperate for more money they ripped off my minutes. Real nice. The Philippines allows them to operate and make millions and they pay back the Filipinos by systematically robbing the entire country. And that was not enough, so they started this 2346 scam, which sends spam that you do not want and then charges you for it. What is next from Globe? They going to start withdrawing money from your bank accounts next?

Anonymous said...

Paano ba mastop to? nakakainis na tlga. One time, nagpaload ako for an emergency purpose tas biglang nagpadala na naman ng wallpaper yang 2346 tapos ninakaw na naman yung load ko. Twice na nila ako ninakawan. Talagang sinasadya ng 2346 magpadala ng kung anu anong multimedia msgs kapag may load ka. AMPOTAAAA

Anonymous said...

To: 2346 scam by GLOBE. I was also a victim of the free alert/2346 scam by globe. YOU LOADGRABBER. Beware of your bank account they will penetrate on this. Why Globe let this happen?

please don't expose my identity

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