Friday, June 11, 2010

We will miss you Zy... - ACS

June 2 2010

 It was 5:20pm and everyone ( yes, including me) in 2106 - 2107 floor was busy doing their job, people from 2107 came down to prepare the farewell presentation ( turning on the projector, laptop, connecting and etc ). And then
there it came the one everyone was waiting for....  Pizza Hut! Pizza Hut! Pizza Hut! =D  ( hahaha kidding it was Zyra )

We played Zyra's farewell music video, afterwards she said her last words in ACS, then eating mode and went home mode for everyone.

She will be missed by everyone because she is very friendly, hard working, always updated on what's happening in the showbiz world. Well everyone has to move on and go for better opportunities, so wherever company you are right now we at ACS especially MWEQ wish you GoodLuck and See You Later. =) 


zai said...

aww.. kakatouch nmn Alain!! Thanks so much!! i miss ACS as well..

coolblues5000 said...


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